'Plastic Cactus' in 'The Garden'

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Daily, Moments in between, Almost Natural...

... Like the moment you find something walking in the woods, mesmerised by the light and the decay. Green, shiny and fresh, hidden underneath black winter leafs on the dense forest floor.  As you slowly bend over to see what it is, you get the feeling of finding a treasure that is suddenly revealing itself, solely to you. Nobody else there. A small plant is growing under the leaves. Popping up its tiny head, just so you can find it, in the middle of the woods, away from the trail. It seems a small succulent, one you buy in a garden center. And you wonder how it survives in the rather cold Northern European climate, in the midst of winter. No temperatures below zero this year. Is this possible due to climate change? As you are sitting close by, you observe the linear and pointy structure of a tiny cactus. You actually start to consider the possibility of witnessing cacti growing like mushrooms. A whole new variety of realities becomes imaginable and you ask yourself if this would mean a loss or a gain... You have to take a photo with your phone to document this phenomenon and in order to do so you carefully peel off the rotten forest tapestry that is covering it. Very very careful, because it could be protecting it from the cold, you imagine. As you pick up a big leaf that is falling apart between your gloved fingers, it reveals itself in al its glory: Its a  small plastic cactus. In the middle of nowhere. 
Reality strikes twice for you realise that there isn't a spot on this earth that hasn't been brutalised and polluted by mankind. It was a short romance, one from the depths of your mind. One that got mingled with fairy tales. But also with hope.  Magic hope?
You experienced these woods as a child, when trees were much larger and you could stay there all day, discovering it. Now it's a place to have a quick run and a shit for the dog. If you look in the distance, you can almost see the kitchen window, where once stood a very affordable, long lasting, illusionary small plastic cactus.

'Plastic Cactus' in 'The garden' 2020


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